Wyatt Moss-Wellington CD

Sanitary Apocalypse


Wyatt resAh, the joy of stimulation by the imagination of one who dares to ask “what if?”, amid so much hollow falsity and slavish imitation. Wyatt Moss-Wellington’s new opus consists of one 28-minute composition blending innocence and knowing, wit and wonder, charm and unabashed cleverness.

His satirical narrative is set in a world “sprayed and wiped” into such uninhabitableness that people survive on dirt pills. His flaring imagery is made more vibrant by music replete with dazzling similes and allusions (including to Robert Wyatt and England’s Canterbury scene). The idioms swirl and change like kaleidoscopic images, or as if Moss-Wellington is opening and closing doors to rooms inhabited by disparate musicians – and, indeed, his players come from folk, jazz and classical backgrounds.

A constant is the sense of abandon, risk-taking and daring to be different, engendering a little revolution of musical possibilities crowned by his own singing and playing of assorted strings. During Dream Sequence his falsetto notes crack and shatter as do love, health and hope in a billion lives each day.