Silke Eberhard and Sandy Evans




sandy elkeSometimes the sounds merge into one, is if controlled by the same lips, the same breath. At other times they strobe against one another, the phasing effect unsettling and even disorienting. Sometimes the music is like a toyshop come to life when the humans have all gone home, as on Dromaiidae, which is two parts slapstick to one part creepy. Sandy Evans (tenor and soprano saxophones, devices) collaborated with the German alto saxophonist Silke Eberhard at last year’s Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival, and the rapport was obvious: so obvious that they recorded this album of improvised duets while Eberhard was in town.

The shared impish sense of humour is a highlight, as is their ability to respond to each other’s ideas not only with echoes and emulations, but with counter-intuitive crosscurrents that can have a hair-raising surprise factor. Another album of improvised duets released simultaneously is Sound Hotel by pianist Alister Spence and Scottish alto and soprano saxophonist Raymond McDonald. Theirs is an older collaboration; one that with its wider sonic palette may also have wider appeal. Both albums are exceptional.