Seun Kuti + Egypt 80

A Long Way To The Beginning


Kuti resBeware of lying down to listen to this music: you could be trampled in the sonic rush of raised-fist revolution and defiance. Seun Kuti continues to front the mighty Egypt 80 (formed by his father, Fela), his strident political statements and compelling voice riding on the band’s overwhelming grooves. It is a classic case of sugar-coating the medicine, but no one would argue that conviction is the medicine’s key ingredient.

Kuti begins by shredding the role of the International Monetary Fund, accusing it of cheating the people of Africa rather than aiding them. But always the ferocity of the lyrics is made more digestible by this vibrant band, with its horns (including Kuti’s alto saxophone), guitars, backing vocals and rhythm section twisting around one another into tight braids and irresistible momentum. Like the brilliant groups of James Brown Egypt 80 is proof that perfect precision and raw excitement can cohabit the same bar of music. Kuti’s is a formidable band transforming spitting anger into people-power anthems.