Dreams of Falling at Colbourne Avenue

Dreams resBuried in the dark pasts of Bruce Cale (strings), John Shand (drums, percussion) and Phil Treloar (marimba, percussion) is some common history. In the same early 1980s period that Phil played drums in the Bruce Cale Quartet (a mighty band completed by Roger Frampton and Dale Barlow), John sought out Phil as a teacher and wrote about him for Jazz magazine. More recently Bruce and John found themselves near neighbours in Katoomba, and for two-and-a-half years have been playing together several times a week, with Bruce having added violin, viola and cello to his double bass, and with John having returned to the drums after a 15 year hiatus. Last year, on one of Phil’s trips back to Australia from Japan (where he has been living for 25 years atop a snowy peak near Kanazawa), the Cale/Shand duo became a trio that performed in the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. It instantly felt more like a reunion than a new project: intimate improvisations that the three mountain-dwellers call Dreams of Falling.

The trio performs at Colbourne Avenue, Glebe, this Thursday, April 30, at 8pm.

Link: http://colbourneave.com/